We update and explain GIVE promotional events in detail. This post use to replace post: GIVE tokens events from 18th June

Please read carefully:

Event 1: Hold NUT — Earn $GIVE

Event 2: Invite Friends — Earn GIVE

Refer your friends, tell them about GIVE token and the meaning of…

We finished use 2000 HT to buy back 23,071,724,756,278.5 MSP

However, BTC price is following a downtrend, so maintaining the price of MSP is still a challenge

In this time, if you love MSP token and want become a Holder, here are event for you: MSP influencer race — Get up to 500,000,000,000 MSP

We are working and finding solution to grow up MSP community, and if you have any idea to grow up MSP, feel free contact with us at


NUT is a Protocol initialized on Huobi ECO Chain with lower gas cost and higher efficiency.

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